Mouna explaining the spices.
Learn how to prepare wonderful, traditional dishes that will set your tastebuds alight!
You'll soon find out why Moroccan food has been called "The perfumed soul of our culture"

Moroccan cooking is becoming increasingly well known and popular. At Riad Lahboul, Mouna’s cookery courses are very popular and her dishes are now being prepared all over the world! We have a professional standard kitchen and which is ideal for cooking workshops. Come and learn the techniques and ingredients for salads, main courses, desserts, patisseries and the many different types of bread.

Mouna will show you how to prepare and then help you prepare some of the dishes under her expert eye.

There is a pause for mint team and a trip to the local wood-fired ovens. A tour of the souks and medina is an optional extra.

In the evening you will be able to sample your creations.

The courses:

  • by the half-day that we can fit into your schedule
  • by the day with a focus on a specific part of Moroccan cooking or
  • by the week as a complete course

We can offer package deals with accommodation and board around all the activities we propose. A popular package deal is one where you can try a combination of activities; for example, cooking, dance, trips out and musical evenings etc.

Please Contact – Riad Lahboul for more information.